Hatherton and Walgherton Parish Council

Parish Improvement

Parish Improvement

Your Parish Council has put aside money to spend on improvements in the parish of Hatherton and Walgherton.  At this stage in 2022, we have ideas but no firm plans and we are looking for ideas and support from the community. 

Just a few of the ideas being considered include:

  • Seating at Hatherton crossroads (Park Lane/Crewe Road)  ** on order **
  • Planting wild flowers in the road verges
  • Repainting of historic signage
  • Cleaning and clearing of modern signs in hedgerows
  • Straightening of signs damaged by careless drivers
  • Developing and signposting circular walking routes
  • Litter bins at laybys  ** new bin at Oakes Corner **

If you want to get involved or have some ideas, please contact the Parish Clerk through the contact page on this site or get in touch with one of the councillors.

Litter picking

One area which the county council struggles to keep on top of is the amount of disgusting litter dropped at our roadsides by passing motorists.  They, the motorists and lorry-drivers, seem not to care that this is someone's home, but maybe their own homes are just as filthy.  However, we can do something about this in our parish. 

Once a year, we have litter-picking weekends but this is barely sufficient so if any residents want to help, litter-pickers, bag-holders and hi-vis jerkins are available to be loaned on a long term basis.  If you want to help, please contact our Chairman and agree a section of roadside that you will help to keep clean. 

Any litter-picking must be undertaken with great care due to the speed of traffic through our parish so sadly some sections of road will never get the proper attention they deserve.  However, every bit helps.

Picture: Wildflowers growing on a road verge

Picture: Litter in a roadside hedge