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Listed below are all the current news items in full.  Click an image to enlarge it (may require two clicks on a mobile).  If you have any news to add to this site or our Facebook page, then you can send it to the councillor responsible for Social Media at Social Media at handwpc.org.uk.


HS2 is coming. Or is it?

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After all the preparatory work near our parish, it now appears that HS2 will not extend beyond Birmingham. We await further news but for now we have to assume that there will be no high speed rail link from Crewe to London.

HS2 is coming

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The route of HS2, the high speed Birmingham to Crewe/Manchester rail line, runs close to our parishes and will be bound to have an impact on us. The Parish Council is watching developments carefully. The route of the railway through Chorlton parish, east of us, can be seen on an interactive map on the HS2 website using this link. Latest news is that the project (known as HS2a) has been delayed for 2 years by the Government but the Early Works activities are progressing to their original schedules.

2023 Parish Council elections

The new Hatherton and Walgherton Parish Council has been elected unopposed for a four-year term. The details of the Councillors have been updated on this site. There is still one Walgherton councillor vacancy – a representative is being sought - any residents who want to know more, please contact the Parish Clerk.

Government Emergency Alerts

The UK government's new Emergency Alerts system is now live. The system will enable people to be contacted via their mobile phone when lives are in danger. On Sunday 23 April 2023 at 3pm, there will be a national test of the Emergency Alerts service.

It will be used to warn you in the event of emergencies, such as severe flooding. Emergency Alerts are sent to all compatible mobile phones within an area of risk. They don't track your location, need your phone number, or collect personal data. Only the government and the emergency services will be able to send them. If you don’t have a mobile phone, you’ll still be kept informed through other channels.

If you get an Emergency Alert on your phone, you’ll hear a loud, siren-like sound. A message on your screen will tell you about the emergency and how best to respond. You'll be able to check an alert is genuine at gov.uk/alerts. If you receive an alert, read the alert carefully and follow the instructions.

You can opt out of receiving emergency alerts; for more information on how to opt out please go to gov.uk/alerts

To find out more about Emergency Alerts, visit gov.uk/alerts

Go-Too bus service extended

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The Go-Too Bus service has now added new destinations, now including Walgherton, and includes Bridgemere Garden and Dagfields. There are various 'virtual' bus stops making it really accessible for everyone. It's really easy to use, just download the app or you can phone up to book. It's only £3 a journey, and runs Monday to Saturday 7am-9pm. All the information can be found on their website here. It’s like a taxi you just share with other people only much cheaper!

Defibrillator now available in Hatherton and Walgherton

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We are really pleased to announce that Hatherton & Walgherton Parish Council has its own defibrillator! We are so grateful to everyone who raised money to fund it, special thanks to residents, Crewe & Nantwich Round Table and finally AEDdonate. Our 'defib' is halfway down Park Lane, the address is: The Tin Shed, Park Lane, Hatherton, CW5 7QX
Other nearby locations of defibs are at: Hankelow Chapel, Wybunbury Hall, Bridgemere CofE School.
AEDdonate also provides online training via Zoom for anyone & everyone, please do take advantage of this. For further details, contact your Parish Clerk at parish.clerk@handwpc.org.uk
Wishing you all good health and hoping that our 'defib' is never needed!

Local Council Award Scheme - Foundation Level

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After a tense few months of waiting, Hatherton & Walgherton Parish Council are proud to announce that we have been awarded Foundation Level

What this means is:
1. We have had the opportunity to show that we've met the expected standards set by the sector
2. We have been assessed from our peers
3. We are always looking for ways to improve our practices for the benefit of our parishes

This is a celebration for all councillors and officers of Hatherton & Walgherton who have shown their commitment and hard work is recognised and respected.

COVID vaccination programme

Cheshire East Council have updated information on the vaccination programme. Details are available on the Cheshire Clinical Commisioning Group (CCG) website by using the link on this item.

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Local roads

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Follow this link for issues and solutions on local roads: Hatherton and Walgherton Roads

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