Hatherton and Walgherton Parish Council

Are you new to the parish?

If you have recently arrived in Hatherton or Walgherton, then welcome to our combined parish.  You will find a lot more information on this website including local history, natural history, historic buildings, footpaths and more.

You are always welcome to attend one of our Parish Council meetings held every two months.  There are details on this website of when and where the next meeting will be held together with minutes and reports from past meetings.

It is our aim as a Parish Council to introduce ourselves to new residents and we hope you will receive a letter from a nearby councillor soon after you arrive.  In case you don't, let us know (you can email to the Parish Clerk) and we will send you a welcome letter.  This letter, in Word format, can be downloaded here: draft letter to new residents.

Sadly, we do not have a village hall, green, church, school or other place where we can meet together and the homes in the parish are widely spread but nevertheless, we hope you will enjoy your life in Hatherton and Walgherton and make new friends hereabouts.

Hatherton crossroads     Walgherton - the Boars Head

Left: Hatherton crossroads, traditionally the centre of Hatherton   -   Right: The Boars Head pub in Walgherton