Hatherton and Walgherton Parish Council

Meetings and Minutes

The Council meets 6 times each year.  The next meeting will be held at a date and venue to be decided.

Future meetings:

No meeting dates available

Below are listed minutes and documents relating to meetings from 28th October 2022 to the present, inclusive.   Earlier minutes and documents will be found on the archive page.  The meeting pack consists of the agenda, the finance report and the planning log.  Any other documents relevant to the meeting will be referenced in the agenda.

Planning committee minutes

30th October 2023

28th August 2023

Annual reports and electorate's meetings

Notice of Public Rights
and Publication

No documents to show

Governance and
Accountability Return

22nd May 2023

Meeting minutes

22nd May 2023

Chairman's report

23rd May 2023

Document Archive

Documents relating to Council business are available on the document archive page for earlier meetings.  Older documents can also be requested through the Parish Clerk.