Hatherton and Walgherton Parish Council

In case of emergency

Refer to the Resilience Plan which is contained on a different page.  Click this line to read it.

Links to other websites

We have collected some links to relevant websites (where available). The owners of these sites change their links from time to time so if you find a link broken, please let the Webmaster of Parish Clerk know.

Local parishes and villages



  • Fields Farm
  • Lodge Farm (Hatherton)
  • The Laurels
  • Oat Eddish Farm
  • The Parklands
  • Hatherton Lodge Farm
  • Dagfields Farm
  • Chapel Farm
  • London Road Farm
  • Manor Farm
  • Lodge Farm (Walgherton)
  • I may have put some in here
    which are not active farms and
    missed some that are.  Please
    send corrections to the Webmaster.

Local businesses